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Ausstellung / Text / Kunstwerke / Biografie



1976            Born in Xiuyan,Liaoning Province, China
1996-2000     graduated from the LuXun Fine Arts Academy,Shenyang, China
                  bachelor's degree
2001-2002     Duesseldorf Fine Arts Academy,under professor Jorg Immendorff, Germany
2002-2005     graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts  University of Kassel,Germany
                  master's degree.
2005-2006     Enters the class studio of Professor Jurgen Meyer (Meistschueler) 
                  Academy of Fine Arts  University of Kassel , Germany
2010-2013     graduated from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts  Academy of architecture  design arts,
Beijing, China.  Ph.D.
2007-2013     Teaching position at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
2013-           Teaching position at TongJi University ,Shanghai, China
2007           Now lives and works between Shanghai 、Beijing and Bochum Germany

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2015     “The self is not a reference” Chun Art Museum Shanghai.China
2014       "for all method" Yuan Gallery ,Shanghai ,China
          "Visual Paradise-Three Worlds About Yu Xingze"
          Sishang Art Museum ,Beijing,China
2013        "The Transparent of Reflection",
              modern Art Space of Zendai Himalaya Art Museum,Shanghai,China
2010        "Free Toys" , Huayi Gallery,Guangzhou, China
              "Free Toys" , M Art space, Shanghai, China
2006        "Bubbles" , Academy of Fine Arts  University of Kassel, Germany
2004        "Tower" , Stellerk Gallery ,Kassel, Germany
 2002       "Color- feeling" Sparkasse ,Bochum, Germany

Selected Group Exhibitions
2015       "new family" Art Exhibit .Chun Museum Shanghai.China
2015       "remember" Shuangcheng ,Art Exhibit .Duolun Museum Shanghai China
2014      "five Chinese artists" Bremen city Hall, Bremen , Germany
2014      "portrait" Time Art Museum , Beijing ,China
2014        "Naive" Opening Exhibition,Eleven Art Museum  ,Shanghai ,China
2014        "Thawing and Sink" Opening Exhibition,Museum of New Art ,Hangzhou ,China
2014.      "Images Pingshan - Exhibition of famous works of Chinese and foreign sculpture"Shenzhen ,China
2014        "Seoul World Open Art Exhibition" Sejong cultural center in Seoul, South Korea
2014       "Seoul Guanghua Gate International Art Festival"Sejong cultural center in Seoul,  South Korea
2014       "Yuan Shitao: a case study of" non sociology"  
                modern Art Space of Zendai Himalaya Art Museum,Shanghai,China
2014       "TALK ON THE HORSE"  XI Gallery ,Shanghai,China
2014        "Perpetual Motion"  Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition,
               Global port Art Museum,Shanghai,China
2013         Shanghai Contemporary Academic Printmaking Exhibition,Shanghai,China
2013        "ISO vision" contemporary painting Invitational Exhibition  Huayi Gallery Guangzhou,China
2013         "The Material &The Method in the painting" , Sishang Museum, Beijing, China
2013        "Beijing China and South Korea culture festival",South Korea's culture institute  Beijing China
2012         "encounter" , Invitation Exhibition Huarun Huaxia Museum, Zhengzhou, China
              "Four at home and abroad" , SAP emerging Chinese Artists Exhibition, Walldorf, Germany(K)
               "WO AI NIMA?" , Contemporary Art Exhibition, D-SPACE Gallery, Beijing, China
2011        "Pulse of Asia" , China Contemporary Art , Museum of Contemporary Art Bangkok, Thailand
             "Super organic" , First Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum of Contemporary Art Biennial, Beijing
2010        "FET ATR" , International Arts Festival the Sanlitun VELIG, Beijing, China
             "Midnight Time" , Duolun Museum, Shanghai
             "Time and space survey" , 21 Art Center, Shanghai
2009        "Tonality and atonality" , Contemporary Asian Art Museum Opening Exhibit, Beijing
             "Museum opening’s exhibit" , ShangShang Museum, Beijing
2008        "Leaving the spotlights" , New York contemporary Art Center , NewYork(USA)
2007        "The new art from China" , First art fair of Washington,Chinese art section
              InternationalConference Center , Washington DC (USA)
2006        "NORD ART 2006" , the 10th international art exhibit, Buedelsdorf, Germany
             "EXAMEN 06" , Art Exhibit , Kassel train station right wing, Kassel, Germany
             "Attitude and return" , Art exhibit Mingyuan art Center, Shanghai, China
             "Dongbei 20 years art exhibit" , Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou, China
2005        "NORD ART 2005" , Mysterious art, Art exhibit ,Buedelsdorf, Germany
2004        "NORD ART 2004" , Unlimited Art exhibit Center , Buedelsdorf, Germany
              "Six young artists from Kassel" , Aachen museum , Aachen, Germany
              "Intervention" , The 2nd exhibit , Kassel governmental art Center, Kassel, Germany