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Wang Yi

Artist, Printmaker, Illustrator.

2002 Graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China.
Since then engaged in the Illustration and wood engraving creation.

Exhibition & Awards

Exhibition “Dialog between Wood and Shadow-Wang Yi´s Woodcuts”, Galerie Schillerstrasse, Heidelberg
Exhibition “Dialog between Wood and Shadow-Wang Yi´s Woodcuts”,UN Bookstore,Guangzhou,China
Exhibition “Black and White Souls in April -Wang Yi´s Woodcuts”, La Seine Restaurant Francais Just Space,Guangzhou,China
Exhibition of “Wang Yi·Zhuo Ying”, Galeris Seguela,Guangzhou,China
Group Exhibition “Wa Xi”,UN Bookstore,Guangzhou,China

Group Exhibition “It is the future of the past- 2009 Guangzhou Exhibition of Contemporary Young artists”,Guyuan Museum,Zhuhai,China

“2008 Middle-aged and Young Artists Recommend the National Exhibition”, Shanghai,China
Group Exhibition “China: New Generation of Artists”, Museo Della Permannte, Milan ,Italy

 “2007 Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition”,Shanghai,China
“The 1th National Art illustrator Exhibition” Excellence Award,Shenzhen,China
“The 2th Guangdong Youth Art Exhibition”,Guangdong,China

 “ Guangdong Provincial Association of Fine Arts 50th anniversary of the founding of Fine Arts Exhibition”Guangzhou,China

“16th National Print-making Exhibition”, Guangzhou, China
“2005 Guangdong Print-making Exhibition” Printmaking Award,Guangzhou,China
Edition Exhibition “Open studio 4- abrasion·Mood”,Guangzhou,China

“The 10th National Exhibition of Arts”, Guangzhou, China
“To celebrate the 55th founding anniversary of People's Republic of China- Art Exhibition in Guangdong Province”Guangzhou,China

“2002 Guangdong Print-making Exhibition” Silver, Shenzhen, China
“2002 Collection of Awarded Works of Charles B.Wang Scholarship at Guangzhou Aacadwmy of Fine Arts” First prize,Guangzhou,China

Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Galler, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Library, He Xiangning Art Museum(SZ), Shenzhou (Cathay) Print Museum, Shantou Museu, Guiyang Art Museum, Shanghai Ming Yuan Art and Cultural Center