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Wang Huangsheng

Ph.D of Art History, Professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Director of CAFA Art Museum, Member of the Council of China Artists Association, Deputy Director of the Art Museum Committee of China, Expert Committee Member of Ministry of Culture, National Contemporary Art Research Center. Wang is an outstanding art expert who is funded by the State Council in China, also a specially-appointed Professor in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Nanjing Art Institute and South China Normal University. In 2004 he obtained the “Knight Medal of Art and Literature” awarded by the French government. In 2006 he obtained the “Knight Medal” awarded by the President of Italy. Founded and organized the Guangzhou Triennial , Guangzhou Photo Biennale, CAFAM Biannale and “CAFAM·Future” Exhibition. Exhibitions curated include Documentary Exhibition of Art in Mao Zedong’s Era (1942-1976), The Humanism in China: A Contemporary Record of Photography, ect. He was the Director of Guangdong Museum of Art from 2000 to 2009.
Wang’s published books include a monograph on art history, entitled Series of Research regarding Chinese Master Painters in Ming and Qing Dynasties: Chen Hongshou (Jilin Art Publishing House, 1995) and A History of Traditional Chinese Painting: Section of Landscape Painting (one of the authors; Jiangxi Art Publishing House, 2008). He published Wang Huangsheng: New Experience on Art Museum, a series of museology collection. The first one of the series is Art Museum as Knowledge Production (Central Compilation & Translation Press, 2012). He has also published a series of painting collections including Wang Huangsheng: Serene Universe (Liaoning Art Publishing House, 1996), Wang Huangsheng: Art and Life (Hainan Publishing House, 1998), Daily Episodes: Wang Huangsheng’s Flower Series (Lingnan Art Publishing House,2005), Spring/Autumn: Paintings by Wang Huangsheng (Lingnan Art Publishing House, 2006), Serene Universe: Ink-wash Paintings by Wang Huangsheng (Lingnan Art Publishing House, 2006), Post·Refined·Joy: Wang Huangsheng’s World of Art (Hebei Education Press, 2012) , Moving Visions (Wenjin Press, 2012),etc.
Further, Wang’s artworks are frequently included in major national exhibitions, such as “The 8th National Art Exhibition”, “The 9th National Art Exhibition”, “The 11th National Art Exhibition”, “Major Exhibition of Traditional Chinese Painting in 20th Century” and “Major Exhibition of Chinese Art”, etc.
Academically, Wang’s dissertations and art critiques are frequently published in professional periodicals (national and overseas) such as Research on Art and Literature, Art, Art Observation, Art Trends, Reading, Art Gallery Magazine and Art Monthly. He obtained awards in art critique by China Literary Federation and Guangdong Literary Federation. He is also the chief-editor of Art Museum periodical and University and Art Museum.

Wang’s artworks are collected and treasured by the Victoria and Albert Museum (England), Uffizi Gallery (Italy), Mantova Museum (Italy), the China National Museum of Fine Arts, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangdong Provincial Museum, Anhui Provincial Museum, etc.