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Li Gang

Li Gang

Li Gang

1962 Born in Puning, Guangdong Province.
Now Lives and works in Beijing.

"Ink Reconstructed by Li Gang”/2013/ Art Sanya, Sanya
"Ink Art-A World Without Rules"/2011/ 128 Artspace. Shanghai
"Visible Soul" The 4th Chinese Abstract Art Exhibition" / 2011/ Pifo New Art Gallery. China
"The 1st National Youth Prints Art Exhibition"/ 1987/ Shanghai Museum.Shanghai. China
"Chinese Graphic Design 2001"/ 2001/ Guangdong Museum of Art. Guangzhou. China
"The 16th Asia International Art Exhibition"/2002/ Guangdong Museum of Art. Guangzhou. China
"The 3rd Guangdong Chinese Painting Exhibition"/ 2002/ Guan Shanyue Art Museum. Shenzhen. China
"Guangdong Printmaking Art Exhibtions"/2002/He Xiang Ning Art Museum. Shenzhen. China
"The 17th Asia International Art Exhibitions"/2002/ Seoul. Korea
"The 18th Asia International Art Exhibitions"/2003/ Hong Kong Heritage Museum. Hong Kong
"The 2nd Guangzhou Three-year Exhibition" /2004/ Guangdong Museum of Art. China
"Tu-Ink: Contemporary Ink Painting Art Exhibition"/ 2005/ Guangdong Museum of Art. China
"Meditation and Narrative-Contemporary Ink Painting Art Exhibition"/2006/ Cattle Depot Artust Commune. Hong Kong
"Wavering Sector-Contemporary Ink Painting Art Exhibition of Guangdong Museum of Art"/ 2006/ National Art Museum of Thailand
"The 21st Asia International Art Exhibition"/2006/ National Art Museum of Singapore
"City State-Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition"/2006/ Art Museum of Estonia, Tallinn
"Li Gang: Character of Ink and Wash" / 2007 / Guangdong Museum of Art, China
"The Formula of Water & Ink: Ink Paintings by Li Gang"/ 2009 / Tank Loft, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing
"New Image: The Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Ink and Wash Art" / 2010 / Mingyuan Art Center, Shanghai
"Beyond Great walls and small fences: Artists from China in Austria"/ 2009 / Feldkirch, Austria
"The Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Ink and Wash Art on Paper" / 2009 / Serbia

"Li Gang: The Formula of Water & Ink"/ 2009/ Tank Loft-Chongqing Contrmporary Art Centre
"Li Gang. Character of Ink and Wash"/2007/Heilongjiang Art Publisher
"Li Gang: Elements of Ink and Wash"/2005/ Hong Kong Shuyi Publisher
" Li Gang: Mood of Ink and Wash"/ 2001/ Hong Kong Shuyi Publisher
"Transmission n imitation by li gang"/ 2012/ china youth press

Guang Dong Museum of Art
Shanghai Artists Association
Art Museum of GAF
He XiangNing Art Museum
Chinese Exlibris