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Chen Xi

chen xi


Born in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Regions, 1968
Associate Professor,
Oil Painting Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts

Education Background:
The Fourth Studio, Oil Painting Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts
Year of graduation:  1991
High School Attached to Sichuan Fine Arts Institute
Year of graduation:  1987

Solo Exhibitions:
Being Remembered
National Art Museum of China, 2011
The Emperor’s New Clothes
Xin Beijing Art Gallery, 2007
Abandoning the Old for the New

SooBin Art International, Singapore, 2007
Chen Xi’s Painting Exhibition
Jesuitenkirche Gallery (Aschaffenburg, Germany), 2000
Chen Xi Oil Painting Exhibition from 1987 to 1997
Art Gallery at Beijing International Art Palace, 1997

Major Exhibitions:
 Sino-German contemporary art exhibition, Germany
Mixed memory
China - Bremen  Contemporary Art Exhibition, Germany
Stein und Statue - Aquarelle von Chen Xi
Naked Chinese
China contemporary art exhibition, Germany
Here- Meijiang  Contemporary art exhibition
Tianjin, China
Uncompleted Painting
Private Home Cuisine -- The Feminine Artist Salon Exhibition  
MANET Art Museum
” Turning “ China Contemporary Painting Invitation Exhibition
 TREE International Art Center, Beijing
Self-evident - English Union Contemporary Art Museum Opening Exhibition
 Chengdu, China

Creation Special Exhibition of China Central Academy of Fine Arts’ Teachers• 2013
Art Gallery of China Central Academy of Fine Arts
" Zero-Boundary " 2013' the first Chinese Device Art Biennial
 Beijing Contemporary Art Museum
China Female Artists Invitation Exhibition
 The Chinese Museum of women and children
The First China-Korea Art Festival
Korea Cultural Center
Today’s Media and Method in Paintings
Si Shang Art Museum

China Contemporary Art Exhibition
Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, Turkey
From the modern starting - Fifteen expressions from Fifteen artists
China Art Museum
Art • Frontier - Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition
 Beijing, Songzhuang Art Museum
The Top of  the Fashion Trend》 the first contemporary female art Invitation exhibition
798 Yue Art Museum, Beijing
Wong and tragic - Contemporary Female Art Exhibition
Tree Art Museum, Songzhuang, Beijing
 Reshaping History—China Art from 2000 to 2009
Beijing International Convention Centre
 China Women Art Exhibition
China Women and Children Museum
 Self-portrait—Women Art in China
Art Museum of CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts)
Contemporary Art Exhibition for Celebrations of the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of P.R.C.,   
 The 4th Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu International Exhibition Centre
 Yi Pai—Century Thinking, Today Art Museum
 Visual Arts Exhibition at the 2nd International Youth Art Festival
 College Star—Art Gallery Exchange Exhibition between China and Malaysia, Malaysia Art Fair
 Polar Tension— Contemporary Fine Arts Invitation Exhibition, Chengdu
 She—Contemporary Arts Exhibition, Beijing Central Iron Age Museum of Art
 Longitude and Latitude—China Contemporary Arts Invitation Exhibition, Shanghai Arts Centre

 Chinese Contemporary Documents
    Wall Art Museum, Beijing
Ah! We— Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition in Thirty Years(1978-2008)
    National Theatre of China
Art in Small Town—Touring Exhibition in China
    Shan Dong Museum
 My World, My Dream—Chinese Contemporary Paper Works Exhibition,
Jesuitenkirche Gallery (Aschaffenburg), Germany
 Nobility—Contemporary Art Exhibition, Xin Beijing Art Gallery, Beijing
Shanghai Art Fair International Contemporary Art Exhibition
 Shanghai Contemporary, Shanghai Exhibition Centre
Art in Small Town—Touring Exhibition
Si Chuan Art Museum
Art in Small Town—Touring Exhibition in France
 Paris & Rennes
 The First Annual Review Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Fine Art
Beijing World Art Museum of China Millennium Monument
 Body Temperature—Contemporary Chinese Fine Arts Invitation Exhibition (a global exhibition   
 commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Hans Christian Andersen), Beijing World   
 Art Museum of China Millennium Monument
 Qi Baishi—Century Oil Painting Record, Touring Exhibition in Beijing & Shangha
Today's Chinese Fine Arts Exhibition
Beijing World Art Museum of China Millennium Monument
 Contemporary Paintings by 33 Artists—Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Inauguration of  
 Schoeni Art Gallery, Inauguration Exhibition in Beijing
 Chinese Plastic Arts Exhibition
 International Women Art Exhibition
    National Art Museum of China
China Women Art & Politics Exhibition
the Womens Museum in Denmark, interviewed by the Danish Queen
The 14th Asian International Art Exhibition
Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan
 Northeast Asia and the 3rd International Art Exhibition
 Seoul Museum, Korea
Sense and Sensibility—Women Art Exhibition
    Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong
 Century—Women Art Exhibition
 National Art Museum of China
The 3rd Chinese Oil Painting Annual Exhibition, Excellent Work Prize
    China Art Gallery, Beijing
The 1st Chinese Fine Art Biennale, Academic Prize
    China Art Gallery, Beijing
 China Modern Art Exhibition
Düsseldorf, Germany
Chen Xi & Liu Gangzuo Art Exhibition
    Art Gallery of CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts)
The Fourth Studio Art Exhibition
Art Gallery of CAFA

Solo Painting Albums:
Being Remembered, 2011
Freedom and Escape—the Art World from Chen Xi’s View, 2011
Chen Xi, Contemporary Arts Collection, 2008
The Emperor’s New Clothes, 2007
Abandoning the Old for the New, 2007
Chen Xi Oil Paintings Collection from 1987 to 1997, 1997

Major Publications:
Chinese Art History in the 20th Century
Contemporary Chinese Art Documents
Contemporary Chinese Fine Arts from 1979 to 1999, Oil Painting Volume
Contemporary Chinese Art History from 1990 to 1999
China Contemporary Fine Arts Collection—New Expressionism
China Today Fine Arts